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How Does Nanotol Work

wo-seal.pngWithout nanotol® sealant

Any surface, even if it is very very smooth, has depressions (pores). In these pores, dirt and cling can set  on the surface.

It is difficult to remove dirt out of the pores.
- you need cleaning agents (surfactants)
- and tools need to be ground (sponge, etc.)

That stresses the surface! Normal cleaning procedure attacks every surface in the long run and will make them even more rugged. This has the consequence that the surface will easier and faster dirty.

w-seal.pngWith nanotol® sealing

The nano-polymers in nanotol® settle in these tiny pores and thus prevents the dirt to connect with the surface.
The advantages are significant, because the surface

- stays clean longer and
- is cleaned quickly

These are the great advantages of nanotol®. Dirt can be easily removed without rubbing and without the use of any detergents. 
This protects the sensitive surface and brings an unexpected deep shine and gloss for glass and paint and other surfaces

The following video illustrates how nanotol® work:


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