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CeNano Affiliate Marketing Network


CeNano is listed in various Affiliate Marketing Plattforms, here is a short selection of the programs: 


Join our Network Affiliate Program with Affiliatebot

Cenano.net has signed up with AffiliateBOT.com, one of the world's most robust Affiliate Networks as their merchant. Affiliatebot.com provides a total affiliate marketing solution for affiliates to sign-up and generate sales & leads for Cenano.net for commissions.


Our Offer

Affiliates will be rewarded with 20% commission for every referral sale of our products. Affiliate will also receive a $25 lead commission for wholesale request from existing wholesale companies, who carry similar products.


How will I get paid?

We provide three options, either by check, wire or Paypal. When you create an affiliate account with us, you will be able to set your payment preferences.

How do I Get Started?

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