Becoming a successful entrepreneur with Nanotol

The future of shopping lies in e-commerce. It is growing at double-digit rates every year and accounted for 14% of total retail sales (excluding food) in 2017. If you already have experience in online business and love technology-driven products, then you are just the right person to be a Nanotol franchise partner.

Nanotol is a product with globally unique properties which offers access to a key technology market and has the potential to address a large target market. Added to that, you will also have 13 years of market experience in selling nanotechnology products, qualified personnel and a proven brand concept at your disposal from the very beginning.


Our franchise system is a sophisticated online shop for Nanotol products based on the proven and tested German online shop . For this purpose, we grant exclusive licenses on a per country basis (or territory), so that you, as a franchise partner, are granted territorial protection at the same time.


Thanks to the 100% online sales model you can start selling right away.

And that also means that you can immediately generate turnover as well. You will be provided with an online shop in whatever national language required that will be optimised on an ongoing basis. Sales and marketing measures will be individualised and made available in your local language: from packaging to newsletter templates.

Notebook Nanotol

Best services for our partners

Territorial and trademark protection


Support in establishing yourself and provision of training in the area of product application to enable you to advise customers


Marketing guide and catalogue of advertising measures


Exchange of experience and comparative figures


German family business


A secure future
Access to a key technology market

Start with your own Nanotol online shop and become part of the first online franchise partner programme worldwide. You will become a member of our friendly German family business and grow together with us. We look forward to working with you!

As a franchise partner of CeNano you can write your own success story

What we offer:

13 years of experience in the nanotechnology sector

CeNano GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully distributing the Nanotol brand for 13 years and has continuously expanded its technological lead during this time while steadily increasing its market share.
Our products are already successfully sold internationally in more than 30 countries.

Market leadership in the field of nano sealants manufacturers

With a 50% market share, we are already the world market leader and fully intend to expand this market share.

Nanotol - proven as the best product on the market

Tests have proven that Nanotol is the only product available that is sustainable, effective and environmentally friendly. It is also the only food safe product on the market. Nanotol is the pioneer in the field of nano sealants, and is definitely not a “me too” product. It offers end user-friendly nano sealants for all materials, almost all applications and almost all households.

Marketing concept

We always ensure that our marketing concepts are consistently implemented and further developed to ensure the ongoing success of our online shops:

Market research and trend monitoring

Development of nationwide marketing instruments

Strong focus on the web and online presence

Online marketing guide

High quality internet presence

Online campaigns and newsletters

Annual marketing planner

Made in Germany

Founded as a family business 14 years ago, we are only accountable to ourselves. This not only makes us independent, but also rapid in our decision-making process and uncomplicated in our actions. All of which are benefits that have all helped us to grow in recent years. We are proud to be 100% Made in Germany – a fact our customers and partners can rely on 100%:
Environmentally friendly and dependable engineering, precision implementation and production, and technology-driven development.

A secure future

CeNano GmbH & Co. KG is a 100% family business with second generation. That means that we are only accountable to ourselves as opposed to investors or other stakeholders. For our partners this means: high investment and future security – both in monetary and organisational terms.

We are manufacturer + seller

Independence also means for us: We manufacture and distribute our products ourselves. The production, i.e. the quality, schedules and quantities are checked and controlled by us alone.
This allows us to prevent any delays and quality fluctuation.

Growth market instead of ruthless competition

Anyone who invests in nanotechnology will be investing in a growing market. The still comparatively young technology is still in its infancy regarding its potential for use. For some time now, customers have become increasingly aware of the many possibilities offered by this high-tech product.
As a franchise partner you will be party to this development and benefit from its enormous growth opportunities.


As a franchise partner of Nanotol you will not just gain access to a key technology market – you will also enjoy exclusive rights to sell Nanotol in a specific country or region as a partner and e-commerce seller.

What we expect

Even an online shop first of all has to be set up. Experience in e-commerce as well as an understanding of country-specific requirements are therefore essential for a successful partnership. We therefore ask – if you are interested – to send us information about you with confirmation that you are qualified to work in e-commerce. In our search for franchise partners, we are looking for

Experienced e-commerce professionals with capital or investors with an e-commerce team

Expressive applications with proof of e-commerce competence

What we require of our franchisees

Knowledge of country-specific requirements including legal requirements

Acquisition / advertising in the region

Warehousing capacity in the region

Shopware shop knowledge desired

Customer support per phone and by mail

Logistic processing of orders via the e-commerce shop

Purchasing and packaging of the sets

Take the first step and apply to become a franchise partner.

We are certainly glad that you are interested in becoming a Nanotol franchise partner. In order for us to get to know you better, please complete this application form in full. We shall of course treat all the information you provide in the strictest of confidence. Your application will not create any obligations on your part. Please note – with many thanks for your understanding – that we can only process fully completed applications.

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