CeNano is developing a new generation of cleaning agents

Convincing plus points compared to commercially available cleaning agents

Sustainably environmentally friendly

Saving of environmentally harmful tensides

Hygienic (saving on disinfectants)

Invisible protective layer

Saving cleaning time

Sustainability through Nanotol

Thanks to innovative nanotechnology, conventional cleaners with surfactants, some of which are difficult to decompose and therefore not always environmentally compatible, are becoming increasingly superfluous.

Clean with water

After sealing, pure water is sufficient for cleaning. An additional benefit is a brilliant gloss effect.

Maid cleaning with Nanotol

Reduction of Surfactants

Surfaces sealed with Nanotol are not only grease, dirt, oil and water-repellent and stay clean longer, they can also be cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth without the use of surfactants. Even greasy soiling on glass or stainless steel surfaces can be removed in a sustainable manner.

Bakterienwachstum auf Glasplatte mit und ohne Nanotol


Under microscopic observation, bacterial growth was forced on a glass plate sealed with Nanotol and an untreated glass plate. Both plates were then cleaned.
While bacteria still remained on the untreated glass plate (upper photo) after cleaning (white structures), all germs on the surface sealed with Nanotol could be removed by normal cleaning (lower photo).
Without the use of disinfectants, Nanotol can keep surfaces germ-free, even if they come into contact with many people.


Value retention

The invisible nanopolymer protective layer prevents a firm connection between the surface and the dirt. This can be done without chemical or mechanical energy, i.e. can be removed without tensides and without chafing. This protects the surface. It still looks like new even after years.