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What is special about Nanotol

Nanotol is a high-tech coating on mechanical basis. Since 2005, Nanotol has been constantly improved. Unlike chemical nano-coatings, Nanotol does not contain any harmful ingredients and is especially skin- and environment-friendly. There are no harmful vapors or adverse effects on respiratory tracts. Owing to its anti-static effect and the way it works, Nanotol goes beyond the well known lotus effect, since Nanotol not only repels water, but also dust, grease, dirt and oil.

Nanotol simplifies your Life

Nanotol Protector places an invisible protective layer on the surface and repels dirt. This protects the surface, keeps it as new and makes it very easy to clean. Depending on the type of the sealed surface and the demands made of it, the effect lasts for different lengths, but can be renewed very easily and inexpensively everywhere with the specific product Nanotol 2in1.