Nanotol – the high-tech nano sealant

Nanotol is the latest development in the field of nano sealants. Nanotol has a mesh structure consisting of nanopolymers which gently lie down on the surface like a protective shield. The mesh structure makes Nanotol suitable for universal use on many different surfaces without “attacking” them, as would otherwise be the case when using chemical compounds. A surface sealed with Nanotol can be cleaned without the use of surfactants and, depending on the demands made of it, cleaned of all dirt, grease and dust deposits using water alone (without using detergent) for months or even several years. Nanotol is completely harmless to health*, has hygienic properties ** and is biodegradable ***.

* Tested according to sections 30 + 31 LFGB (Food, Commodities and Feed Code)
** SGS Institute Fresenius – Confirmation of germicidal activity against Staphylococcus aureus
***Readily, rapidly and completely biodegrades (OECD 301)

What’s special about Nanotol

Nanotol is a high-tech mechanical sealant. Unlike chemical nano sealants, it is very gentle and environmentally friendly and does not produce any harmful vapours or negative side effects, e.g. on the respiratory tract. Due to its anti-static effect and special mode of action, it even surpasses the well-known lotus effect, because Nanotol not only repels water… it also repels dust, grease, dirt and oil. Another benefit: the invisible protective layer smooths surfaces, keeps them as new and allows their original shine to be retained for longer.

High tech for life

Nanotol is universally applicable, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. For the last 13 years it has been used in almost all areas of everyday life, from textiles and building facades to household, sanitary and automotive applications. It’s simple, efficient and sustainable impact has made Nanotol a top performer amongst all nano sealants.


High tech for the environment

Nanotol is completely biodegradable

The surfactants contained in Nanotol products have been confirmed as being readily, rapidly and completely biodegradable in accordance with the requirements of the OECD Guideline. Complete degradation means that the surfactants contained in a product are broken down into small and simple basic units within a specified period of time. In the end, all that remains is carbon dioxide (C02), water (H20), mineral salts and biomass.

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A surface sealed with Nanotol can be cleaned without the use of surfactants and – depending on the load – can be cleaned with water (without cleaning agent) for several months to years. This protects the environment in a sustainable way and saves money.

Nanotol is hygienic

ATP bioluminescence measurements * have shown that

1. Surfaces cleaned with Nanotol Cleaner are hygienically clean and

2. Surfaces sealed with Nanotol Protector remain hygienically clean or can have their hygienic cleanliness restored with water alone. This also applies to all combination products (Nanotol 2in1)


* Surface hygiene assessments using ATP testing

ATP measurements are used to verify and monitor the effectiveness of cleaning processes

Nanotol Sanitär

Nanotol Protector is food safe

Nanotol Cleaner and Protector was tested in 2006 by the LGA (TÜV Rheinland Group) according to the requirements of section 31 of the LFGB*. In 2018, the test result was not only confirmed by the CBA (Chemical Product Analysis), but it was also extended to section 30 LFGB. In addition, Nanotol products comply with European Regulation VO (EU) No.10 / 2011a.

This means that surfaces treated with Nanotol Cleaner and Protector are permitted to come in direct contact with food. The test report proves that Nanotol contains no substances that are harmful to health and that surfaces sealed with Nanotol do not release any substances and are thereby harmless when coming into direct contact with food.

* Food, Commodities and Feed Code

The test standard verifies conformity according to LFGB (Food, Commodities and Feed Code)

Nanotol is available for 6 different product lines:


Car, Boat & Leisure