High tech for daily life

CeNano GmbH & Co KG develops and produces high-tech products that sustainably improve everyday life and are unique in their category. We firmly believe that innovation can only be successful if it is sustainable, useful, biological and marketable. And it is only when all of these boxes have been ticked that a new CeNano product will have been created.

Designed for everyday needs

Our goal from the beginning has always been to produce the best possible product. We develop and test products until all of their features meet our very highest standards. When doing so, we always have the user in mind because only products that are user-friendly, useful and easy to use can be successful in the marketplace.


Made in Germany – a German family business


Founded as a family business 14 years ago, we are only accountable to ourselves. This not only makes us independent. It also makes us quick in reaching decisions and uncomplicated in our actions. All of which are benefits that have helped us to grow in recent years. We are proud to be 100% Made in Germany- a fact our customers and partners can rely on 100%: environmentally friendly and dependable engineering. Precision implementation. Technology driven development.

Nanotol Versiegulung






Sustainability and the environment 

With Nanotol, CeNano has developed a new generation of cleaning products that are unique in their nature and effect. Comparisons with commercially available cleaners have proven that Nanotol products achieve significantly superior effects in all areas while at the same time being gentle on the environment:

They are sustainable and environmentally friendly

They use less surfactant

They provide protection without diminishing value

They reduce the use of disinfectants

They are highly efficiently and save time

And for these reasons, they are also more cost effective than conventional care products

They are food safe, because they contain no oils for creating scent

Sustainably protecting the environment

Since we completely avoid the use of non-biodegradable surfactants, Nanotol makes a noticeable contribution to protecting the environment. In addition, Nanotol products are certified as safe in every conceivable way, which means that our products – unlike many other nanodetergents – are also harmless to the user. For example, our products are certified by the OECD and are even safe for use with food. What does that mean? To name but one example, it means that you can use Nanotol to clean and seal dinner plates, firstly because Nanotol products contain no harmful substances, and secondly because the steak lying on top of the plate remains completely unaffected.


Sustainably saving time and money


Cleaning is simply not fun and is often tedious and time consuming. With Nanotol, you can save a lot of valuable time and energy for the more important things in life! Thanks to its highly efficient nanotechnology, the only thing needed to clean a product after it has been sealed with Nanotol is plain water. And that is for several months. As an added benefit, Nanotol also creates a brilliant gloss finish as well as providing long-lasting protection to objects’ surfaces.

Over the long term, the use of Nanotol care products can also save on costs. Anyone who cleans a 40-square-meter conservatory once and then seals it can cut their spending on cleaning products by around 75 percent over a year.

Sustainably satisfied customers

All of those who have tried and tested Nanotol are so impressed with our products that they buy them again. This is confirmed by our customer satisfaction surveys over the past years: 9 out of 10 consumers re-purchase our products after testing Nanotol and having witnessed its performance.

Zufriedene Kunden



The mission of Mike Friedrich has always been to make an essential and sustainable contribution to humanity as a whole. This mission goes back as far as the date the company was founded on 1. May 2001, when - after years of development work in the area of fuel cell research at MTU - he started his own company, Fuel Cell Ceramics, in order to be able to profitably produce fuel cells as a new source of energy for a clean environment - true to the motto: ecology and economics are natural partners.


Nanotol, a universally applicable nano sealant, was developed from the development work of the previous years at Fuel Cell Ceramics, and is a product that seals surfaces in such a way that they can be cleaned in an environmentally benign way while at the same time offering long-lasting protection to their surfaces. Unlike other nano products, Nanotol is environmentally friendly, multiply certified and food-safe. In 2003, Mike Friedrich founded the Nanotol Handelsgesellschaft (trading company) for the purpose of distributing Nanotol.


In order to be able to sell the Nanotol sealant to end users as quickly, cost-effectively and directly as possible, the world's first online shop for nanotechnological sealants was created in 2005.


In order to better serve the rapidly growing international demand and to professionalise the distribution of Nanotol, CeNano GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2007. Further product developments in the field of nanotechnology were added to our product range. The development of the new website of CeNano GmbH & Co. KG and the implementation of the webshop was taken over by Dipl. Betriebswirtin Irene Friedrich, the wife of Mike Friedrich. CeNano GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and sells ceramic coatings and nanotechnological sealants.


CeNano GmbH & Co. KG is growing continuously. After 1 year of construction, the company finally moved from its small headquarters in St. Wolfgang to its new ones in Dorfen, where the company’s modern offices, laboratories, warehouses and a showroom are housed in the new industrial park ``Am Brühl``, in July 2010. From their new headquarters, the company significantly expanded its sales network, while its customer base is growing continuously. The care product Nanotol developed by CeNano GmbH & Co. KG has around 90,000 private end customers in Germany alone. The company now also offers telephone support for the online distribution of its products.


In addition, Mike Friedrich also advises industrial customers on the benefits of ceramic and nanoparticle surfaces. In recent years, the company has developed numerous individual surface coatings on behalf of various customers which have then been patented by those customers.


CeNano is one of the leading international suppliers of nanotechnology sealants. International attention is increasing with exports now to more than 30 countries worldwide. Commercial and private customers worldwide appreciate products that are safe, easy to apply on all surfaces and which offer a long-term protective effect.


The Nanotol online shop was completely upgraded, redesigned and restructured. The products are also being re-categorised, being given a new look and new names.


CeNano GmbH & Co. KG introduced the world's first online franchise system.

Your contact persons

Mike Friedrich

Mike Friedrich /Research, Development and Production


Inventor, ceramic and mechanical engineer. Mike Friedrich holds numerous patents and is considered to be the world’s first engineer to succeed in producing an elastic ceramic in which ceramic particles are combined with nanoscale ceramic particles. Without his technical knowledge of mechanical engineering, ceramics and nanotechnology, the development of Nanotol would not have been possible.

His credos: Ecology and economics are natural partners. New challenges are always solved with know-how.

Friedrich Irene

Irene Friedrich / Marketing and Sales


As a graduate in business administration (specialising in marketing) and a lecturer in business controlling, Irene Friedrich has been instrumental in the development and success of the Nanotol brand. Since Nanotol was founded, she has been responsible for all media and e-commerce measures and has turned Nanotol from a start-up into a global market leader in nano sealants – a concept she developed in 2004 and which today represents an entire category. She is a designated e-commerce expert and, as commercial director, also responsible for the financing and purchasing departments.

Her Credos: Only make promises that you can keep.